Make America Love Again “Spike Says” (The Remixes)


Make America Love Again – THE REMIXES is released on September 17th in all digital stores. The video, which has now won 12 film festival awards across the world including ‘Best Film For Social Change’ ‘Best Music Video’ ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Original Short’ is available to view on YouTube. 

“Francesca Confortini and Maxine Sparkles serenade the spirit of America with the soulful offering…”

Matt Cassidy, Indie Eye Film Festival

The Woolfman was inspired by the words of American filmmaker Spike Lee on BBC TV and wrote the song in a dream. Driven by the wish to “Heal the Soul of America” the songwriter and producer collaborated with one of the UK’s leading independent filmmakers Tone Davies to make a music video for release during lockdown 2021. Shot in the UK on mobile phones the global pandemic has helped shape this video. It has gone on to catch  the eyes and ears of music lovers the world over. At this time in history the message embedded in ‘Make America Love Again’ is more poignant than ever. 

“Sometimes it’s the simplest of words and expressions that can resonate deeply within someone…”

Music Vein

Capetown- born, The Woolfman left South Africa for the last time at the age of 16 repelled by the inequities of the apartheid system which were in full force at the time. Since then, he has been a vocal and active opponent of racism and all forms of injustice. This has been a consistent theme in his songwriting. In 2018 he watched director Spike Lee being interviewed on BBC television saying : “We only have to make America Love again…”. This sentiment reminded him that what happens in America can often have an effect around the world. That same night, a tune came to him… the lyrics emerged all at once, as if from outside himself and a new American anthem was created. 

“Director Tone Davies utilizes this old adage perfectly, by forgoing the bells and whistles of big shiny sets, decorative costumes, and stunning visual effects. Instead choosing to focus on what is really important to the world right now.”

Dream Machine International Film Festival

The Woolfman collaborated with singers Sparkles & Francesca Confortini on the original ‘gospel’ version of the track, which is fast becoming a new American Anthem, they also feature on the remixes along with the amazing Martha Lewis.

The Woolfman acknowledges: “Obama once said ‘Do we care to match the reality of America to its ideals? I am not yet ready to abandon the possibility of America.’ This is the message of  ‘Make America Love Again’ – the possibility of America as a beacon of democracy, hope and justice, leading the way in an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable world.” 

Make America Love Again – THE REMIXES is released on September 17th in all digital stores.

  1. Make America Love Again “Spike Says “ Deep Remix
  2. Make America Love Again “Spike Says” Club Remix
  3. Make America Love Again “Spike Says” Club Remix Radio Edit