Replies to some Facebook comments on RAINBOWS


Adebayo George-LawalWhat has LGBTQIJLMNOP+ logo has to do with love. The Rainbow is sacred and shouldn’t be used to promote sexual immoralities and abnormalities.

Make America Love Again: The rainbow is indeed sacred and is a gift to all humankind of every race, gender and sexuality. The rainbow does not shine brighter on any one person because of who they are or where they come from. The rainbow is a celebration of the beauty of light, that within “white” – which is not truly a colour if we look we find all the colours that do exist. Which colours do you not like? – the beauty of the rainbow is that all colours peacefully co-exist and respect each others right to exist. When America learns this – “to love again” it will begin to fulfill it’s potential.

Scott Sanders

Mario MoralesI don’t think so……
May be an image of child and standing
Mario MoralesI don’t think so

Make America Love Again: Let us bring all our children up to be not only respectful but celebrating difference. Do you want to live in a monoculture, palm oil plantation or a rain forest?!!

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